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What are basic duties of an SME advisor? –

To have enough knowledge of your field makes you more confident and strong to share your views. Similarly, if we see in case of the financial advisors or experts, for sure a good SME advisor should have tricks to narrow financial terms. Besides this, one should also need information about the future incoming opportunities to push the overall business towards a strong path to get maximum profit.

If we take a deep look at the fundamental tasks performed by a wealth advisor in Dubai, these are –

  1. Future Plans – for instance, we have heard about some of the upcoming business projects and much these opportunities have a positive impact on the investment amount of an investor? But the thing is how we can relate these opportunities to our investment projects and plans? This cannot be performed by a single person. So basically here we need an expert opinion which can guide our investors on the right path to get maximum output through a reasonable input. We understand this and are working very closely to make some connection between these two parties. To create certain privileges to provide maximum information and services to small and medium-sized enterprise sector especially in the Dubai region.
  2. Due to the current evolving business environment, a financial manager should suppose to be the best option to put foundations of your business in Dubai. If your internal systems have already well planned and upgraded regularly, you know that you are ready to adapt to any external changes in the form of an expert.

Some Questions regarding SME advisors –

Here we have done a little work in this area to get more and clear information about the duties and responsibilities performed by the financial experts. Also, we approached some of the wealth managers who were working as an SME advisor with a long-term experience in Dubai. We had conducted some long sessions regarding questions and answers.

  • First of all, we asked our expert that what you see as your top priority when you are doing some work on a wealth management project? The answer was very simple and straightforward with strong expressions that our main concern is on productivity. Then we put focus on the diversity of the projects. If we are dealing with only one investor and he/she is willing to invest in more than one business, then we asked for diversification in the projects. So we make sure that we can invest a small portion of the amount in one business and other small portion in another business. This way chances to get profit on one side automatically become high and on the other side probability to get loss decreases in a quite simple way.
  • Our second question to our professional expert was very clear that are there any initiatives in the pipeline by Dubai SME to help SMEs in this regard? He told us that from an SME’s point of view, we have already established a well informed and productive small business industry in Dubai. One can get contracts and generate revenue in a simple and smooth way. Infrastructure, trading sector, hotel business and education sector are key areas to be focused. These areas are fairly productive not only for locals but also for outsiders and these necessary steps ultimately proved to be fruitful for our small-sized industry.
  • But at the same time, there is a confusion between different SME advisors at the private level or through a corporate sector. If you are an affluent household and carry bigger business plans, you can approach an expert at the private level. It will cost you a little more than taking services from any bank of Dubai. So if you are interested in a small project, then for sure you should go for a company or a bank.

SME advisor from Mashreq Bank –

From the list of all the banks in UAE, we will suggest you approach Mashreq SME for an expert opinion regarding your business plans. It is one of the best options in Dubai region for expatriates as well as for locals to take the SME services. For further details check the official website of the bank.

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